Big Zone follows up Straight Isolate with its all-new pre-workout Shelter

big zone shelter

This week, the German company Big Zone has followed up its protein powder Straight Isolate from last month with another entirely new supplement for the pre-workout category. The latest product from the brand is Shelter, which comes with a fairly substantial combination of pre-workout ingredients.

Big Zone Shelter features a formula built to enhance energy, focus, muscle pumps, and performance; so essentially all of the benefits you could want from a pre-workout. Each serving of the supplement tips the scales at a hefty 16g, with just short of 14g of that being made up of active ingredients.

The ingredients Big Zone has packed into Shelter include 4.5g of arginine HCl, 4.4g of pure citrulline for pumps, a gram of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 2g of taurine. The lighter features rounding out the product are 300mg each of bacopa, caffeine and ashwagandha, 125mg of theanine, 400mg each of alpha-GPC and pine bark, astaxanthin, and BioPerine.

European supplement fans interested in giving the newest Big Zone creation a try, can pick up Shelter from the major German retailer, Gigas Nutrition. Through the store’s website, the well-rounded product will cost you €34.95 (39.23 USD) for a full-size 25 serving with just the one taste to choose from in Red Berry.