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Optimum puts 3 servings of Protein Almonds into a larger resealable bag

optimum nutrition protein almonds

Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Almonds is one of the many protein snacks the veteran company has dropped over the last few years. It is a small bag of actual almonds coated in high protein chocolate with a growing selection of flavors to choose from including Dark Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Espresso.

The delicious Protein Almonds from Optimum Nutrition have recently been made even better, or at least better if you felt the bags were too small. The brand has put together another size of the enjoyable almond snack that is resealable, three times bigger, and still, of course, made with the same ingredients.

Optimum Nutrition’s larger Protein Almonds size weighs in at 129g, and obviously, if you eat a whole bag of this, you’re going to get a lot more calories. If you do put away the three serving size, you’re looking at a total of 30g of protein, 45g of carbohydrates with 3g of that sugar, 30g of fat, and 690 calories.

By the looks of things, Optimum Nutrition’s bigger bag of Protein Almonds isn’t completely new, also it doesn’t look like it is available everywhere. The best place to grab the product’s triple size appears to be the Vitamin Shoppe who has it in Cinnamon Roll and Dark Chocolate Truffle flavors at $5.99 each.