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Body and Fit releases Vegan Perfection, a low carb plant-based protein

body and fit vegan perfection

The retailer and brand Body and Fit, has put together a spin-off of its Whey Perfection protein powder with Vegan Perfection. The name of the new supplement kind of gives its point of difference away, with Body and Fit’s Vegan Perfection being a protein powder made with only plant-based protein sources.

Body and Fit’s newest product is naturally flavored and sweetened, and is powered by a blend of pea and rice protein. Those ingredients give Vegan Perfection a strong 22g of protein per serving, a lean 2.5g of carbohydrates with only 100mg of sugar, 2g of fat (half a gram saturated), and a total of 119 calories.

Considering it’s a plant-based protein powder, Body and Fit has done a great job with the macros of Vegan Perfection. A lot of the competitors in the category have a little less protein as well as a little more carbs. The supplement also comes with a reasonable selection of flavors in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cappuccino.

Currently, you get Body and Fit’s Vegan Perfection from its Netherlands website in two sizes with a 34 serving bag and a more than twice as large 78 serving tub. The prices on the products are €24.90 (27.87 USD) for the bag, and of course a more cost-effective €49.90 (55.85 USD) for the tub.