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DY Nutrition keeps it short and simple for its M6Teen pre-workout shot

dy nutrition m6teen shot

Dorian Yates’ supplement company DY Nutrition has introduced an all-new product this week, the first in fact we’ve seen from the brand since its 2018 relaunch. The newest supplement from DY is the pre-workout shot M6Teen, which features a short, but loaded formula and a very different look from the rest of its line.

The M6Teen shot from DY Nutrition intends to increase energy, improve performance, and support cell hydration. To do all of that the brand has packed it with three commonly used pre-workout ingredients with a gram of taurine, a strong 350mg of caffeine, and beta-alanine dosed at a heavy 5g per 60ml shot.

DY Nutrition says its new M6Teen pre-workout shot comes in four flavors with Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Mojito, although at the moment only Cherry is available. You can grab the supplement now through the brand’s European online store at a price of €36.90 (41.49 USD) for a box of 12 shots, which works out to €3 each.