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Preview review of NTel’s powerful upcoming pre-workout Arez Super

ntel nutra arez super

Recently NTel Nutra sent out a few top-secret, trial size tubs of its latest and greatest pre-workout supplement Arez Super. We were one of the lucky few who received the product and have been running it over the past week. The tubs don’t reveal any of the ingredients, just directions on how to use the supplement before your pre-workout.

With Arez Super due to launch in the coming weeks, we felt it necessary to share our opinion on the new NTel Nutra product before getting a full tub for a complete review. We won’t go into too much detail, but first of all, the supplement lives up to the Arez reputation and is a truly powerful pre-workout formula.

NTel Nutra’s Arez Super doesn’t hit all that hard after throwing back a single serving; however, you will slowly but surely feel quite energized. That energy proves to be incredibly resilient and stays with you right from the beginning of your workout to the end. The effect is strong and steady, and will ensure you push every set.

ntel nutra arez super

Arez Super also delivers rather uniquely with muscle pumps, and very well with performance. On the pump side, the product gives you one of the most dense pumps we’ve experienced. While the pumps are supremely hard, it doesn’t offer much in terms of fullness, making for a rather interesting experience.

On the performance side, Arez Super gives your body a natural-like power that’ll make you lift to the best of your ability in terms of weight and reps. It really makes it feel like you’re fitter than usual and can knock out set after set without any limiting exhaustion. The effect ties in nicely with the energy and pushes you to have the best workout ever.

ntel nutra arez super

The one downside we noticed in the few workouts we had with NTel Nutra’s Arez Super is that its dose of niacin must be quite high. While we haven’t experienced that signature red, rashy flush side effect of niacin for years, we did with Arez Super. With a regular serving, it was bearable, but on occasions with just a touch more, it ruined the workout.

Based on our limited experience with the product, Arez Super is another top-rated pre-workout from NTel Nutra. As mentioned, we’ll have to run it for longer than a week before we can give a final judgment and full review. But from the few workouts we had, it is a pre-workout worth picking up and easily one of the best released so far this year.

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