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Cricket brand EXO confirms it’s working on another bar that’s low in sugar

exo super low sugar protein bar

EXO, the brand that is all about cricket powered products and who has a surprisingly tasty protein bar, has confirmed that an all-new product is in the works. The upcoming item does not have a name or anything just yet, however, the brand has shared its main point of difference compared to its other bars.

The new edible product EXO is now getting to work on is going to be super low in sugar, which suggests it’ll have less sugar than either of its other bars. The brand’s Energy Bar is relatively high in sugar packing a much as 18g per bar, while its Cricket Protein Bar is not as bad with about 7 to 8g of sugar.

EXO is also looking for feedback on the super low sugar bar and asking fans to help it out by completing a quick survey. The brand has just five questions in the survey, all relating to your stance on total and net carbohydrates in bars, as well as your feelings towards caloric and low-calorie sweeteners.

If you do help out EXO and complete its survey, you will be rewarded with a coupon. Once you complete all of the questions it wants answers on, the brand will email you a code to save a strong 50% on its Banana Bread and Cocoa Nut Energy Bars, and Sour Cream & Onion Whole Roasted Crickets.