Long-awaited G Fuel energy drink sells out in just 14 minutes

Jul 15th, 2019
g fuel energy drink sold out

Earlier today, the long-awaited and highly-anticipated G Fuel energy drink officially launched through gfuel.com, and if you weren’t in quick, you would have missed out. Gamma Labs, the company behind the product, has confirmed it sold out of all flavors and packs just 14 minutes after it went live.

Looking at social media there a lot of disappointed G Fuel fans, including us here at Stack3d, as we were also not fast enough and didn’t order within that first 14 minutes. The promising product was originally announced all the way back in March, so it has been a long four-month wait for today’s big release.

For everyone that missed out, there is some good news from Clifford Morgan, the Founder and CEO of Gamma Labs. Morgan has confirmed he is doing his best to expedite production and have the G Fuel energy drink restocked as soon as possible, although he has not provided an ETA.

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