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The maker of Moose Juice unveils its protein fingers Beaver Bar

muscle moose beaver bar

Muscle Moose, the brand behind the widely available energy drink Moose Juice, has introduced an all-new edible product with the Beaver Bar. The delicious looking product is a protein bar that comes in the form of two thin, fingers per pack, providing a combined total of 20g of protein or 10g of protein each.

Each of Muscle Moose’s new Beaver Bars is made up of four layers with a crispy base, a tasty fondant layer, then a layer of caramel, topped off with more crispy pieces. All four layers are wrapped in a sweet chocolate coating with two flavors to choose from in White Chocolate and Choco-Caramel.

The full nutrition profile on the Beaver Bar from both sticks per pack is 20.4g of protein, 15 to 16g of carbohydrate with just 2.4g of sugar, 7.8g of fat, and a total of 220 calories. The product gets its protein primarily from a blend of four sources in milk and whey concentrate, collagen, and calcium caseinate.

As per usual, you can purchase Muscle Moose’s newest product from its website with a variety of options available. You can buy the Beaver Bar at £2.50 (3.13 USD) per bar, in single flavor boxes of 12 for £24.99 (31.32 USD), or if you want to try both flavors, there is a pack with six of each also for £24.99.