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Nutramino rebrands its XL Protein Shake and gives it a new flavor

nutramino caramel overload protein shake xl

The widely available Scandanavian supplement company Nutramino has updated its more calorie-dense XL Protein Shake with a fresh new look. The brand has given the product a more modern label design featuring a stylish and spacious layout, along with bigger and bolder blocks of flavor related color.

As nice as Nutramino’s rebrand of XL Protein Shake is, that isn’t where the news ends for the product. Alongside the fresh new look, Nutramino has also put together another flavor for the protein drink. The product did already have a nice variety of tastes to choose from, although the newest one is quite different.

Now available for Nutramino’s XL Protein Shake is the caramel creation Caramel Overload. According to the brand, it is limited edition, although once that limited release is done, it’s not actually going anywhere. Following its initial run, Caramel Overload will replace the least popular flavor of XL Protein Shake.

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