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Two new flavors confirmed for Fizzique’s world’s first sparkling protein RTD

pomegranate punch fizzique

Fizzique is promoted as the first sparkling protein drink in the world with 20g of protein from high-quality, whey isolate, and only 80 calories per can. Since hitting the market, the product has only been available in two flavors with Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Limon, although very soon that will no longer be the case.

It has been revealed that Fizzique is getting ready to double the size of its sparkling protein RTD’s menu, taking it from two different flavors to four. The tastes due to join the original two options are both fruity recipes with Orange Mango and Pomegranate Punch, which will have the same 20g of protein and 80 calories per can.

We’re not sure when Fizzique’s new flavors are going to be available, but they are already listed on the brand’s website as out of stock and coming soon. We have always liked Fizzique’s sparkling protein concept, but do hope Orange Mango and Pomegranate Punch don’t have as much of an aftertaste as the originals.

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