Battle Shakers gives companies the ability to brand its shaker bottles

private label battle shakers

A lot of different shaker companies have private label options available where brands can have bottles printed with their own logo and graphics. The weapon themed company Battle Shakers is now offering exactly that for anyone interested in having their name and brand printed on any of its five different bottle designs.

The Battle Shakers lineup is one of the most unique on the market, with each of its shakers shaped after some sort of weapon. The different designs making up the brand’s line include the black colored Missile, green Bomb, gold and bronze Bullet, the grey Torpedo, and the more recently released green and grey Mortar.

For more information on Battle Shakers’ new private label option, you can head to its website at The brand has a whole page on its site dedicated to private label which has a contact form to connect you directly with Battle Shakers.

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