R1sing Labs previews some sort of strength supplement called Fortitude

Jul 17th, 2019
r1sing labs fortitude

The new brand R1sing Labs from powerlifter That 1 Leg Monster, has unveiled another entirely new supplement following its first look at Macabre from last month. While Macabre is for a category the brand is already competing in, its other supplement looks like it is for a more unfamiliar category.

The product R1sing Labs has previewed this week is called Fortitude, and it is promoted as some sort of strength supplement. It is going to have a 12.63g serving size, which has us thinking it could be a creatine-based formula featuring a few other ingredients to further help with strength and performance like betaine and beta-alanine.

While we don’t know all that much about R1sing Labs Fortitude just yet, we are excited to see how this one turns out. Since hitting the market earlier this year, That 1 Leg Monster’s brand has been pretty busy teasing and hyping new products, and doing a great job at making itself known.