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R1sing Labs confirms Macabre as an extremely limited pre-workout

r1sing labs macabre

Last week That 1 Leg Monster’s brand R1sing Labs, revealed that it has a new supplement coming soon despite still being very new itself and only hitting the market in May. The brand said the product would be called Macabre, although it didn’t reveal too much else about the fiercely named supplement.

This week, R1sing Labs has shared a lot more information about its upcoming product, including a full preview of its bottle. We can now confirm that Macabre will, in fact, be a pre-workout formula as we suspected, and it is going to have a huge serving size with the tub weighing 542g and a maximum serving being 27g.

The facts panel for the supplement is due to be released sometime soon, and with 27g serving, it has room for plenty of well-dosed ingredients. As for the launch of Macabre, it is still quite a while away, with R1sing Labs currently aiming to have it out and available sometime in the second half of August.

When R1sing Labs does eventually release Macabre, you will want to grab it as soon as possible. The promising pre-workout is going to be available in a limited amount, with no retailers set to carry the product. Fans will only be able to purchase Macabre from the brand’s website and at a limit of four per person.