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SNS releases a natural formula to support stress and anxiety

sns stress and anxiety

Serious Nutrition Solutions has released an all-new supplement named Stress & Anxiety Support, and as you’d expect, it’s designed to provide support for stress and anxiety. It comes with four main ingredients, all of which are commonly used and well-known, and like a lot of the brand’s products, they are well dosed.

The full formula behind Serious Nutrition Solutions Stress & Anxiety comes with 150mg of bacopa, 250mg each of Sensoril branded ashwagandha and rhodiola, and lastly, 100mg of theanine. The combination is primarily designed to help with stress and anxiety, as well as support relaxation, mood, focus, and well-being.

Like all of Serious Nutrition Solution’s new supplements, Stress and Anxiety is available first through its own online store at The stress and anxiety product comes in two bottle sizes with a 30 serving at $24.99 and a more cost-effective, double size 60 serving at $34.99.