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Universal Nutrition rebrands for 2019 with a more classic look and feel

universal nutrition rebrand

The legacy supplement brand Universal Nutrition has unveiled an all-new look for its vast range of products. It will replace the one the brand introduced last year featuring an obvious “U” shape in the background. Universal’s newest look gives its products a much more classic style and feel, similar to the one it had before last year’s change.

You can get a good look at the rebrand in the image above as well as below. Above you can see the branding on an exclusive size and flavor of Universal Nutrition’s BCAA formula Atomic 7 for South Korea. Below you get a more up-close look at the rebrand where it very clearly keeps things simple, although still includes all of the necessary information.

universal nutrition rebrand

Universal Nutrition has, of course, maintained its signature black, red and yellow color scheme for its 2019 update, which gives it a nice bit of consistency. Longtime fans will notice the brand has also brought back its well-established text logo with the red bodybuilder silhouette taking the place of the letter “I” in the word “Universal”.

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