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Project Clear Evolution is Cellucor’s next generation of supplements

cellucor project clear evolution series

C4 Extreme is the newest pre-workout supplement from Cellucor, however it is far from just another pre-workout. C4 Extreme is, in fact, the brand’s first Project Clear Evolution Series product, which is the next generation of Cellucor innovations and will bring about new versions of many other supplements.

Like Cellucor’s many generations before it, the Project Clear Evolution Series is introducing an all-new look and feel for the brand, although that is just the start. Cellucor’s next evolution is also going to have a big focus on transparency, and list every ingredient on a product’s label with their exact dose.

Another major shift with Cellucor’s Project Clear Evolution is moving away from artificial ingredients. Just like C4 Extreme, none of the supplements in the new generation will contain artificial colors or flavors, with a lot of products also having variants without artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

More information on all of Cellucor’s new Project Clear Evolution Series supplements is expected to be shared in the coming months. We’re certainly excited to see the next generation of Cellucor products especially after seeing the introduction and rise of its well put together Ultimate Series.

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