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Black Market’s DMHA infused AdreNOlyn is now available online

black market adrenolyn dmha

A few weeks ago the original underground supplement company Black Market, dropped an all-new product that saw the return of its original pre-workout name. The supplement is simply named AdreNOlyn, not AdreNOlyn Bulk or Cuts like its first-ever pre-workouts, and it is intended to be an intense experience.

One of the key ingredients in Black Market’s AdreNOlyn is the stimulant DMHA at 150mg, which sits alongside a bunch of other ingredients including choline, citrulline, and a 300mg of caffeine. The reason we’re bringing up the product today is that it is now available for purchase from Black Market’s own online store.

Previously we could only find the DMHA infused AdreNOlyn at physical supplement retailers, although that is no longer the case. Through the brand’s website, the reasonably well-rounded pre-workout will cost you $54.99 with the two 30 servings flavors available in Grape Lime Rickey and Strawberry Lemonade.