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Finaflex’s Protein Pie is now available throughout the US and in the UK

finaflex oatmeal protein pie

The oatmeal based Protein Pie from Finaflex, is one of the most unique protein snacks we’ve seen introduced to the supplement market for quite some time. The product is similar to a traditional oatmeal cream pie with a delicious cream filling squished between two oatmeal cookies, and packing 14g of protein for 310 calories.

Last month Finaflex’s exciting new Protein Pie started to hit the market and can now be found in a wide variety of retailers. If you’ve been looking around the protein snack, DPS Nutrition is one of the few stores we shop with that’s now stocking the product, and at a reasonable price of $25.60 for a box of 10 using the coupon “DPS10”.

Despite Finaflex’s Protein Pie only just hitting stores and stockists in the last month or so, the product has already gone international. The reliable UK-based snack specialist Protein Pick & Mix, has picked up the snack and now has it available for all of Europe at £2.50 (3.13 USD) each or £22.00 (27.55 USD) for a box of 10.

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