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Finaflex unveils its Protein Pie featuring a high protein marshmallow filling

The Finaflex Protein Pie is a unique new protein snack coming soon to the brand’s usual stockists, and it looks like it is going to be quite the treat. The product is made with only natural ingredients and is expected to be just like a traditional oatmeal cream pie featuring two oatmeal cookies sandwiched together with a delicious cream filling between them.

The cookies in the Finaflex Protein Pie are made of oatmeal and are said to be both soft and chewy. As for the creamy filling between the oatmeal cookies, it is marshmallow flavored and also where the product packs a good amount of protein as it is made with two quality protein sources in whey and milk isolate protein.

As for the nutrition profile behind the Finaflex Protein Pie, being primarily made of oatmeal, it is not too surprising that it is pretty high in carbohydrates compared to most other protein snacks. An entire pie packs a high 37g of carbs with 12g of that fiber and 8g sugar, 15g of fat, a reasonable 14g of protein, and a total calorie count of 310.

The macros on the Finaflex Protein Pie are obviously quite a way off your typical protein bar and its 20g of protein with around 220 calories, although we suspect the taste on this one will make up for it. As far as we know, the product is going to be the first of its kind, so at the very least it is going to be unlike anything else on the market.