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ZKK Labs announces a Jammie Biscuits flavored protein powder

zkk labs jammie biscuits protein

Zack King Khan’s brand ZKK Labs is well-known for creative flavors including options inspired by popular foods like Nutella and the Bounty candy bar. Sometime during the next few weeks, the brand is planning to release another popular food flavor for its low carbohydrate and calorie protein powder.

Hitting the market soon from ZKK Labs is a Jammie Biscuits protein flavor that appears to be inspired by the British classic Jammie Dodgers biscuit. A Jammie Dodger is a delicious shortbread biscuit with a raspberry or strawberry jam filling, which is an experience ZKK is looking to replicate in its newest protein.

As mentioned, Zack King Khan’s brand plans on launching the Jammie Biscuits flavor within the next few weeks. A full serving of the product will provide a high 35g of protein with just 2g of carbohydrates, zero fat, a total of 198 calories, plus an extra gram of acetyl-l-carnitine.

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