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Alpha Lion launches its joint formula Cyborg with up to 25% discount

alpha lion cyborg

As promised, this week Alpha Lion has launched its competitor for the joint support category with Cyborg. The brand completely unveiled the supplement last week which features chondroitin, CurcuWIN, and glucosamine, and is designed to help with cartilage regeneration and joint inflammation, discomfort, and mobility.

Fans and followers of Alpha Lion can now grab Cyborg through its own online store, and for a limited time, they can save a good amount of money. To celebrate this week’s release, through until the end of today, the brand is offering as much as 25% off its joint health product with single, double, and triple bottle promotions.

The options Alpha Lion has on offer for Cyborg include 10% off one bottle at $42.30, and 15% off two at $39.95 each. The three or more deal is where you get that 25% discount, which drops the supplement to $35.25 each. There is no coupon required, just head to the brand’s website and add Cyborg to your cart.