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Black Skull drops a unique high-protein, pre-workout peanut butter

black skull pre-workout peanut butter

Black Skull has put together an interesting spin-off of its pre-workout Bone Crusher, that is unlike any other pre-workout spin-off we’ve seen before. On top of the original powder and the recently released Bone Crusher drink, the Brazilian brand now has a Bone Crusher pre-workout peanut butter.

The all-new product features two of the four active ingredients in the Bone Crusher powder and beverage, with taurine and caffeine dosed at 1.04g and 80mg respectively, per 40g serving. The pre-workout peanut butter also comes with all of the usual nut butter nutrition plus extra protein due to having added whey.

Along with the taurine and caffeine, each 40g serving of Black Skull’s Bone Crusher peanut butter comes with a high 16g of protein. The product’s other major macros include 12g of fat, 11g of carbohydrates, and a calorie count of 205.

black skull pre-workout peanut butter

Another standout feature of Black Skull’s new product is that it comes in an awesome variety of flavors. It has four in total with Chocolate, a sweet-sounding Peanut Candy, Coffee, and a fruity recipe with Banana. All of the options come in one jar size weighing half a kilogram, which is enough to provide you 12 and a half 40g servings.

Black Skull’s Brazilian website is one of the first places available with the unique pre-workout peanut butter, and has all four flavors in stock. The price on the product is $96.31 (23.77 USD) per jar, so it would cost you just under USD $100 if you wanted to grab the whole set with a pot of each flavor.