CNP reveals everything about its Tri-Series stim pre-workout Ignition

Aug 26th, 2019
cnp ignition

The UK company CNP recently announced its new and completely stackable Tri-Series of pre-workouts made up of Cognition, Ignition, and Expansion. The focus enhancing pre-workout Cognition is already on the market, with this post being all about the Tri-Series’ stimulant pre-workout Ignition.

Unlike Cognition, CNP Ignition is not yet available for purchase but will be in stores and on shelves in the UK very soon. As mentioned, it is the stimulant powered supplement for the brand’s Tri-Series featuring a formula geared more towards increasing energy and enhancing performance.

Transparent formula

The upcoming product’s maximum serving includes 2.5g of betaine, 400mg of theanine, and 3.2g of the performance ingredient beta-alanine. On top of all of those is 300mcg of huperzine A, 300mg of caffeine from regular anhydrous and Infinergy dicaffeine malate, and to improve absorption, 10mg of black pepper and 50mg of AstraGin.

There is also a relatively new branded ingredient in CNP’s Ignition with the caffeine amplifier, EnXtra, which is pure alpinia galanga extract. The exciting, patent-pending ingredient has clinically proven to improve mental focus and alertness for as much as five hours, and that is with and without caffeine.

Just like Cognition and Expansion, Ignition can be used in combination with all of the other pre-workouts in CNP’s new Tri-Series. The entire line of supplements was, in fact, designed for that reason; to use individually for each product’s specific benefits, or all together for the ultimate workout.

Launch and options

CNP’s Ignition is expected to be available for purchase from all of its usual stores and stockists next month. It’ll have a regular retail price of £24.99 (30.68 USD), with a total of 30 servings per tub. As for its flavors, fans of the brand will be able it pick it up in two tastes with Bubblegum or Fruit Punch.