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EON Athletics makes a handful of changes to its pre-workout Creation

eon athletics creation pre-workout

One of the goals of the still relatively new supplement company EON Athletics, is to stay on top of research and evolve its products to match. The brand does only have the one supplement available at the moment with the pre-workout Creation, which it has now updated in an effort to keep the formula fresh and modern.

EON Athletics has made a handful of changes to Creation including the removal of one ingredient, the addition of another, and a lower dose of beta-alanine. The brand has dropped glutamine from the pre-workout, decreased beta-alanine to 2.5g per serving, and added 150mg of rhodiola to improve endurance, wellbeing, and cognition.

eon athletics creation pre-workout

Everything else in EON Athletics’ pre-workout Creation has remained the same including 6.5g of citrulline malate, 300mg of caffeine, and a gram of HydroMax. The product remains a well-rounded pre-workout with a formula designed to help with energy, mental focus, performance, endurance, and muscle pumps.

EON Athletics already has the updated Creation available for purchase from its online store at $39.99 for the same size tub as the original with 25 servings. The supplement comes in four flavors including a new traditional taste with Fruit Punch, which has replaced Creation’s original Jungle Punch flavor.