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Updated ESP Extreme adds eria jarensis and increases caffeine to 750mg

esp extreme

Metabolic Nutrition has relaunched its more intense pre-workout supplement ESP Extreme, which was originally introduced back at the end of 2017. The previous version of ESP Extreme was a lot like the regular ESP, as it featured all of the same ingredients with the addition of the stimulant DMHA.

The all-new ESP Extreme from Metabolic Nutrition is much the same as its predecessor, featuring a formula built for improved energy, focus, and performance. The ingredients in the pre-workout are also very similar to the original, in fact, the new ESP Extreme contains everything the original does minus DMHA.

Full formula

You can see the full combination of features in Metabolic Nutrition’s reformulated ESP Extreme in its facts panel below. One thing fans of the previous version should notice right away is that the pre-workout is no longer non-transparent. Each of the product’s ingredients is now listed alongside its exact dose per scoop.

For better mental focus, the new ESP Extreme comes with 2g of choline bitartrate per maximum three scoop serving plus 600mg of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine and 300mg of eria jarensis. Then for endurance and improved absorption, Metabolic Nutrition has thrown in a heavy 5g of beta-alanine and 15mg of black pepper.

esp extreme

750mg of caffeine

The last lot of ingredients in the 2019 edition of ESP Extreme is for energy, and this is where things get quite extreme. The supplement packs 300mg of theobromine plus two sources of caffeine with regular anhydrous and dicaffeine malate, combining for a huge 750mg of caffeine.

For us, that dose of caffeine is too high, with our preferred amount being between 350 to 450mg. We have had solid experiences with pre-workouts closer to the 500mg mark, but anything over has never led to anything more. Basically, if you’re going to try the new ESP Extreme, you might want to start with a serving that gives you a familiar amount of caffeine.

Where to buy

Metabolic Nutrition’s certainly more extreme ESP Extreme, is now available for purchase from its direct-to-consumer website in four traditional flavors. The updated pre-workout will cost you the same as the original at $35.99, with each tub having enough powder for 16 maximum servings.