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EVL mysteriously teases another collaboration with Steve Aoki

evl teases another aoki supplement

EVL has just shared a teaser image confirming another collaboration involving the popular musician Steve Aoki. For those that missed it, earlier this year the brand partnered up with Aoki for a special edition, Neon Blueberry flavor of its fat-burning pre-workout ENGN Shred.

Our immediate guess, based on EVL’s teaser and past partnership, is that we’re in for a second Steve Aoki collaboration supplement. We have no idea if it’ll be another special edition ENGN Shred, although we are confident that whatever the product is, it’ll have a unique flavor.

EVL’s latest Steve Aoki teaser does feature a red and black color scheme, which could be a hint at the kind of supplement or flavor we’re in for. The only reason we say that is because the brand used flavored related blue and black imagery to hype its Neon Blueberry ENGN Shred.

More information on EVL’s upcoming Steve Aoki collaboration should be along soon, so definitely stay tuned here at Stack3d for news and updates.

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