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Redcon1 brings back Fireball Total War for its Olympia Experience pack

fireball olympia edition total war

Redcon1 has put together an awesome new package for those that are headed to Las Vegas next month for this year’s always entertaining Olympia Expo. The release might also be worth picking up for fans of the brand that aren’t headed to Vegas, as it comes with a handful of limited edition products.

The package is called the Redcon1 Olympia VIP Experience which comes with supplement samples, a sticker pack, wristband, and a limited Olympia tee. You also get a full-size tub of a returning and limited edition flavor of the brand’s pre-workout with a creatively branded Fireball Total War.

To make the Redcon1 Olympia VIP Experience an actual experience, those that purchase the package earn a bunch of perks for this year’s Olympia Expo. On top of all the products above, you get a fast pass for the brand’s Olympia booth, on-site concierge, and a meet and greet with the Redcon1 team.

The total price for everything included in the Redcon1 Olympia VIP Experience isn’t too bad at $99.99. For more information on the special edition package and details on everything you get with it, check out the brand’s website.

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