Black Magic confirms an all-new protein powder for release in October

Aug 30th, 2019
black magic protein powder

The reputable brand Black Magic has built quite the lineup of supplements since launching late last year. The company now competes in a variety of categories such as pre-workout, amino, focus, and even libido. Black Magic also has a product put together and sold exclusively through one of its many retail partners.

This week the growing brand has dropped a teaser of what it has confirmed to be a more traditional protein powder, as opposed to its collagen powered Skull Dust. While we do know what kind of supplement it is, we don’t know anything else. Black Magic is keeping all of its details under wraps, including its name, formula, and macros.

One thing that does appear to stand out in the teaser of Black Magic’s upcoming protein powder is the colors. The brand’s image uses the signature Reese’s orange and yellow, hinting at a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-inspired flavor. More information will be along soon with the supplement itself due to release in six weeks.