G Fuel Giveaway: Be in to win 1 of 3 packs with all four flavors

g fuel energy drink giveaway

Last week, Gamma Labs restocked its hugely popular and great-tasting G Fuel energy drink for the third time. Not too surprising, the beverage went on to sell out in all flavors and options that day. We decided to get in and grab a handful of cans to give away to our loyal fans and followers.

We actually posted our hands-on review the G Fuel energy drink a few days ago, and found it to be a very interesting experience. The product packs a smooth, almost creamy base that’s topped off with sweet and enjoyable flavors. Overall, it is a great beverage and truly unlike any of its competitors.

For our giveaway this week, we’re looking for three winners, each getting a pack with one of each of the G Fuel drink’s four flavors. To get yourself in the draw, simply complete at least one of the tasks in the contest box below. We’ll be taking entries right up until midnight this coming Sunday.

G Fuel Energy Drink Giveaway