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Gods Rage transforms its rhodiola formula Yggdrasil into a powder

gods rage yggdrasil rhodiola

The German supplement company Gods Rage has put together an alternate version of its simple, single-ingredient formula Yggdrasil. The product gets its name from Norse cosmology, with its one and only ingredient being rhodiola rosea dosed at half a gram per serving.

Gods Rage’s original Yggdrasil is a capsule supplement, which has now been transformed into a stackable, unflavored powder. The European brand’s newest release maintains Yggdrasil’s capsule dose of half a gram per scoop, with each tub packing a huge total of 200 servings.

The German supplement retailer Gigas Nutrition is the first place stocking the powder version of Gods Rage Yggdrasil and at a pretty solid price. It actually costs the same as the original at €24.90 (27.64 USD) despite the fact it gives you a lot more rhodiola rosea overall.