Keto Kookies Review: Finaflex delivers a realistic shortbread-like snack

finaflex keto kookies

Keto Kookies is the latest functional snack from Finaflex, although instead of being high in protein like its Oatmeal Protein Pie, it’s more keto-friendly. The product is high in fat with a low amount of protein, and to keep it within its keto theme, the Keto Kookies have just a gram of net carbohydrates in three pieces.

The cookies themselves are shortbread style, with Finaflex producing the product in boxes of 24. The Keto Kookies come in two flavors with Almond and Coconut, and are made with a simple set of ingredients. The product is also naturally flavored with stevia, and it’s gluten and soy-free, as well as non-GMO.

finaflex keto kookies


Finaflex’s Keto Kookies are exactly as advertised, being delicious, shortbread style cookies that taste just like the real thing. They’re soft and crumbly, and as you chew, it all rolls together into a smooth buttery texture and taste. They’re certainly not like any of the protein cookies out there, although as mentioned this one is intended to be keto-friendly.

finaflex keto kookies

Due to the small size of the Keto Kookies and the lingering taste they leave in your mouth, it is difficult to stop throwing them back once you open a pack. After the first one, you can very easily see yourself powering through an entire box. With 24 cookies per box, the whole lot gives you 64 to 80g of fat, 16g of protein, 8g of net carbohydrates, and 880 to 960 calories.

As for the individual flavors Almond and Coconut, the former isn’t overly obvious with its almond taste. That smooth base texture and flavor dominates the overall experience, although the Coconut does a slightly better job. That one has a subtle coconut taste to it, enough to make it noticeable, and it becomes stronger as you chew through and swallow each bite.

finaflex keto kookies


After enjoying Finaflex’s Oatmeal Protein Pie so much, we were excited to try its Keto Kookies, and ended up with the kind of experience we expected. Being high in fat and low in protein, we had a feeling the product would deliver. The brand certainly nailed the taste on these as well as the consistency, resulting in a product you can’t help but enjoy.