Keto Krunch Review: Tasty high-fat snack with a strong cheese flavor

Aug 8th, 2019

Keto Krunch is a high-fat, cheese crisp snack from the fat snack brand FBOMB. As far as high fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate products go, there aren’t many products that can match Keto Krunch. In just seven Keto Krunch pieces you get 10g of protein, 11g of fat, and just a gram of carbohydrates.

FBOMB’s Keto Krunch snack features a clean and straightforward combination of ingredients, including no artificial flavors. The product is made with all-natural premium artisan cheese, whey, pasteurized milk, and salt, to deliver an enjoyable, flavorful, and almost zero carbohydrate snack.

fbomb keto krunch review


Basically, if you’re a fan of cheese or anything cheese flavored, you’ll enjoy every bite of FBOMB’s Keto Krunch cheese crisps. The product is relatively hard and crunchy as you’d expect based on its name and description. Mixed in with all of that, however, is a thick and rich cheese taste that dominates the overall flavor.

We grabbed a variety pack of FBOMB’s Keto Krunch, which comes with bags of its Cheddar, Garlic & Herb, and Salt & Vinegar flavors. All of them come loaded with a strong cheese taste, along with hints of their title flavors, or in the case of Cheddar, it is just an intense cheddar taste.

As for the other flavors of Keto Krunch, the Garlic & Herb is somewhat light in the garlic and herb department, although that’s not too surprising with the strength of the cheese. The Salt & Vinegar Keto Krunch does a much better job with its title flavor, making it noticeable from start to finish; however, the cheese is still the stronger taste.

fbomb keto krunch review


FBOMB’s Keto Krunch cheese crisps are simply delicious, although you do have to be a fan of a strong cheese taste. While the brand does have a variety of flavors available for the snack, in the three we tried, the added tastes don’t make that much difference.

Of all the high fat, high protein, and low carbohydrate snacks we’ve tried, Keto Krunch is one of the best we’ve come across regarding taste and macros. We can see why FBOMB gave Keto Krunch two new flavors a couple of months ago despite only just launching the product nine months ago at the end of last year.