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FBOMB introduces its high-fat, oven-baked cheese crisp snack

The smart fuel company FBOMB, is all about convenient fat powered products including sachets of nut butters and premium oils. This week the brand has introduced an entirely new product that is quite a bit different from the other items in its lineup as well as other healthy snacks that are out there.

The new FBOMB creation is another on-the-go product called Keto Krunch, that sticks with the brand’s theme of being high fat and protein. Keto Krunch is a bag of crunchy oven-baked, premium artisan cheese crisps that are made with a very small list of ingredients including premium milk from ethically-treated and family-farmed cows.

FBOMB Keto Krunch has no gluten, artificial flavors or growth hormones, and is vegetarian and keto-friendly. The macros for the product don’t vary from flavor to flavor with 13g of fat per bag of cheese crisps with 9g of that saturated, just a gram of carbohydrates, 9g of protein, and a total of 160 calories.

fbomb keto krunch

There are three flavor options FBOMB has put together for its high-fat Keto Krunch. The list includes Chili Lime, Buffalo, and of course, Cheddar which actually has the simplest formula of them all being made with only four ingredients in pasteurized milk, salt, microbial coagulant, and cheese cultures.

According to FBOMB, its all-new and rather creative Keto Krunch cheese crisps will be available for purchase soon. When the product does eventually arrive, those interested will be able to pick it up from the brand’s website in packs of six, including a variety option with two bags of each flavor.