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Muscletech’s introduces its exclusive max-strength pre-workout Vapor Max

muscletech vapor max

Vapor Max is an all-new pre-workout from Muscletech put together and exclusively available down under in Australia and New Zealand. The supplement features a very different formula to the Vapor One pre-workout in the US, although it’s still designed for a balanced combination of benefits.

Muscletech’s Vapor Max intends to help increase energy and enhance muscle pumps, as well as support strength and performance. The product comes packed with a total of ten active ingredients, all of which are openly and transparently dosed just like Muscletech’s many other supplements on the market.

muscletech vapor max

Vapor Max includes a solid dose of citrulline malate at 6g per maximum serving a well as 3.2g of the performance-enhancing ingredient beta-alanine. Some of the Muscletech’s more stimulating features in the pre-workout are 100mg of TeaCrine, a strong 250mg of caffeine, and 200mg of the focus ingredient choline.

As mentioned, Muscletech’s Vapor Max is now available for purchase exclusively in Australia and New Zealand. The major Australian store Nutrition Warehouse is one of the many places now stocking Vapor Max priced at $74.95 (50.62 USD) for a 20 serving tub in Blood Orange and Sour Power Peach flavors.