Rainbow Haze Loco is returning for 2019 with an even better label design

rainbow haze loco

When it comes to special edition supplements, Myoblox has been doing them a lot longer than most. The brand drops limited run products quite frequently, and it makes them very different from the regular versions. They tend to feature unique one-off flavors, alternative branding, and slightly different formulas.

Myoblox has now shared a sneak peek at its next special edition supplement which is, in fact, the return of a previous limited release. Due to drop shortly, is a Rainbow Haze flavor of the pre-workout Loco featuring an even better label design compared to last year’s version that, of course, keeps with the rainbow color scheme.

While Myoblox has previewed its upcoming Rainbow Haze Loco, there is more to it than just the look and name. As mentioned, the brand tends to mix up the formulas for its limited launches, so we expect no less with this one. 2018’s Rainbow Haze for example, had added citrulline and glycerol, as well as two extra stimulants.

The 2019 edition of Rainbow Haze Loco is due to be available soon, and like previous years, it is only being produced in a limited amount. Be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d for updates as we’ll be sure to share details on the alternate formula when it’s available, as well as the release.

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