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Myprotein brings its creatively flavored Clear Whey Isolate to the US

myprotein clear whey isolate

Myprotein recently released Clear Whey Isolate through its UK website which is a high-quality protein powder made with whey isolate. The supplement’s big point of difference is that it comes in a creative selection of flavors that aren’t your traditional milky protein shake options.

Clear Whey Isolate has now been launched in the US, featuring the same kind of formula powered by high-quality whey isolate. The product keeps things extremely clean regarding its nutrition profile with 20g of protein per serving, zero carbohydrates and fat, and a lean total of 80 calories.

Just like Myprotein’s original Clear Whey Isolate, in the US the supplement has a variety of creative flavors to choose from. They’re all very different from your usual chocolate and vanilla protein options with Lemonade, Tropical Dragonfruit, and the cocktail-inspired recipe, Mojito.

Myprotein’s Clear Whey Isolate is now in stock and available for purchase from its US website for around the same price as it is in the UK. A full 1.1lb tub of the refreshingly flavored protein powder will cost you $29.99, with each tub packing a total of 20 servings.