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All-new Solimo probiotic features a fresh new look from the Amazon brand

new solimo supplements

Solimo is one of the many brands from Amazon that sells supplements on its platform. Since the line of products appeared on our radar early last year, Solimo has expanded into a number of different categories. It’s gone from simple capsule formulas to protein powders and snacks, a pre-workout, and even an energy drink.

The latest development we have to share from the Amazon brand is that it’s shown up with an all-new look. Another probiotic supplement from Solimo has released on Amazon featuring a very different design from all of its other items. It does still have a bit of color to it, although it quickly fades into a bright white, with its details also displayed quite differently.

As for what Solimo’s latest product is actually all about, as mentioned, it is a probiotic formula. Each of its capsules packs 50mg (10 billion CFU) of lactobacillus acidophilus, with 30 and 60 count bottle sizes to choose from. The supplement is available for purchase now from Amazon at $9.99 for the 30 capsule, and $16.34 for the double size 60 count.

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