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Nutrabio announces its Natural Body collab, New York Punch Intra Blast

nutrabio new york punch intra blast

It turns out NTel Nutra isn’t the only brand that has put together an exclusive new collaboration flavor for the major supplement retailer Natural Body. Nutrabio has announced this week it has also put together a product for the store with a special edition flavor of its intra-workout Intra Blast.

The name of Nutrabio’s exclusive collaboration is New York Punch, which comes with an alternative label design featuring Natural Body’s superhero mascot. From what we know, the product packs the usual Intra Blast formula including 10g of EAAs plus other ingredients for recovery, hydration, and performance.

Nutrabio and Natural Body’s New York Punch Intra Blast is due to debut at the retailer’s customer appreciation, Block Party event this weekend at its Ozone Park store.