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NTel Nutra and Natural Body reveal their special edition Arez Super

block party punch arez super

Arez Super is the latest pre-workout from the reputable brand NTel Nutra which is finally going to be available tomorrow. The supplement had its full formula unveiled this week, just a few days after the brand confirmed it’s teamed up with the retailer Natural Body for a special flavor of Arez Super.

Previously NTel Nutra and Natural Body were keeping the name of their collaboration flavor under wraps, although that is now no longer the case. Just a couple of days out from Natural Body’s Block Party event where the product is due to debut, the retailer has introduced a Block Party Punch flavor of Arez Super.

Looking at the picture of NTel Nutra and Natural Body’s collaboration, the uniquely named pre-workout appears to be a forest fruits recipe. It includes images of raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, which are of course all fruits that traditionally fall under the forest fruits banner.

As mentioned, NTel Nutra and Natural Body plan on launching the Block Party Punch Arez Super this weekend at the retailers customer appreciation, Block Party event. The celebration is kicking off at midday this coming Saturday at Natural Body’s Ozone Park store, and will run through until 6 PM that night.

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