Nutrabolics combines collagen and glutathione for an exclusive product

Aug 24th, 2019
nutrabolics collagen whitening

Nutrabolics has previewed an all-new supplement that is just one of the many it has put together for a specific distribution or retail partner. The product is a collagen powered formula named Collagen Whitening that provides a solid 10g of collagen per serving plus half a gram of glutathione.

Collagen Whitening from Nutrabolics aims to help with dry skin and wrinkles, as well as skin pores and pigmentation. As mentioned, the supplement has been produced for one of the brand’s many parnters, who is also international, so you’re not going to find the product in all of the usual locations.

The Strawberry Cream flavored Collagen Whitening is, in fact, exclusive to Nutrabolics’ distributor in the Philippines. The brand has promised more collagen products are on the way as well, saying that Collagen Whitening is just the first in a completely new series.