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Nutramino releases a plant-based product for its Nutra-Go family of bars

nutramino nutra go plant protein bar

The widely distributed supplement company Nutramino has a new product this week for its growing family of Nutra-Go protein bars. The latest creation from the European brand confirms its point of difference in its name with the Nutra-Go Plant Protein Bar, which is, of course, a plant-based protein snack.

The newest Nutramino release is a relatively light protein bar compared to a lot of others on the market, weighing in at just 35g. As you can imagine with an overall weight like that, the Nutra-Go Plant Protein Bar doesn’t feature overly huge macros with its protein at a reasonable 10g per bar from a blend of pea and soy protein.

The rest of its nutrition profile does vary depending on the flavor, which the product has two of with Red Berries and Sea Salted Nuts. The other macros for the Nutramino Nutra-Go Plant Protein Bar are 1.7/3.5g of fat, 17/16g of carbohydrates with 7.9/6.4g of that sugar, and a somewhat low calorie count of 123/134.

As always, the first place stocking the latest product release from Nutramino is its own online store over at The Nutra-Go Plant Protein Bar has a price fitting for its size at 239 DKK (35.56 USD) for a box of 15. The cost works out to a fairly competitive 15.93 DKK (2.37 USD) per bar.