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The Dough Bar’s improved Whoopie Pie is now available but almost gone

the dough bar whoopie pie

As promised, this week The Dough Bar has made the second batch of its delicious looking protein Whoopie Pies available for pre-order. The product is said to be better than the original with improved taste and texture, and this time around, it also has two flavors to choose from.

The Dough Bar’s second version of the Whoopie Pie comes in a traditional Chocolate Chip option as well as the rainbow sprinkle Funfetti. You can now pre-order the high protein snack from the brand’s website for shipping next week, although the majority of the packs are sold out.

The only options left in stock of The Dough Bar’s Whoopie Pie V2 are a 12 pack of the Chocolate Chip for $39.99, and the huge variety bundle. The brand’s variety set comes with 12 of each Whoopie Pie flavor and eight different flavors of The Dough Bar’s delicious protein doughnut.

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