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The Dough Bar makes its Whoopie Pie even better for the second run

dough bar whoopie pie

When the Dough Bar recently released its high-protein Whoopie Pie, it said it had only produced a limited run to see how it’s received and to get a little feedback. It appears that initial lot did go well, as the brand has announced a new and improved version is due to launch very soon.

The Dough Bar is saying the updated protein Whoopie Pie is better in two of the most important areas, including texture and taste. The functional food brand plans to start taking pre-orders for the second batch starting Monday of next week with no word yet on when they’re going to ship.

Fans of the Dough Bar as well as fans of great-tasting protein snacks, will want to set their alarms for this one if they want to grab it. The first batch of the Whoopie Pie sold out in less than 45 minutes, so with these ones being even better, you’ll want to get in as soon as they’re online.

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