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Tim Muriello is reformulating his original Spazmatic pre-workout

all-new spazmatic

Tim Muriello’s brand Spazmatic has confirmed an all-new version of its first-ever supplement, the pre-workout Spazmatic, is coming soon. For now, the company has not revealed any specific details about the revamped product, just shared descriptions of the few changes that have been made.

Muriello has said the updated Spazmatic pre-workout is dropping a number of ingredients and increasing the doses of others. If we had to guess, we suspect the brand is removing the supplement’s higenamine and hordenine. Since the FDA added those two to its advisory list, we’ve seen a lot of brands make the change.

all-new spazmatic

The revamped Spazmatic is also going to have new ingredients in the mix included to help with the stimulating side of the pre-workout. More information on Tim Muriello’s reformulated Spazmatic is expected to be shared soon, although for now you can check out the current formula in the facts panel above.