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Rising Labs unveils its ultimate pre-workout supplement Macabre

rising labs macabre

That 1 Leg Monster’s up and coming brand Rising Labs has launched its long-awaited, and very exciting new supplement, the pre-workout Macabre. It is the brand’s first-ever limited-edition product, and it is intended to be Rising Labs’ more intense and well-rounded pre-workout.


Macabre comes loaded with a huge variety of features, packing a large total of 23.9g of active ingredients from a hefty 28g serving size. As mentioned, Rising Labs Macare is a well-rounded pre-workout supplement including ingredients to support energy, mental focus, strength, performance, and pumps.


Some of the heavier features in Macabre include 6g of pure citrulline, 4g of beta-alanine, 2g each of taurine and tyrosine, and 2.5g each of creatine HCl, betaine, and HydroMax glycerol.

rising labs macabre

You can see the full formula behind Rising Labs Macabre in the facts panel above, which comes with quite a bit more outside of those heavier ingredients. The product also includes a solid 400mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, a gram of AGMASS agmatine, a strong 350mg of caffeine, and 3mg of alpha yohimbe.


Rising Labs’ all-new Macabre is now available for pre-order from its website for $11 more than the brand’s other stimulant pre-workout at $49.99 per tub. The supplement comes with a total of 20 servings and has just the one flavor to choose from in Snake Venom.

Anyone that gets in on Rising Labs’ pre-order of Macabre is expected to have their orders shipped out sometime in the middle of next month. As touched on earlier, Macabre also won’t be around forever as it is a limited edition product. Basically, if you want to give it a go, get on the pre-order as soon as possible.