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The Skinny Food Co makes it High Protein Crispies a lot more affordable

skinny food co protein crispies

Fans of The Skinny Food Co’s high protein, low-calorie Protein Crispies, have just had their lives made that little bit better. For those unfamiliar with the snack, the UK brand’s Protein Crispies is a bag of sweet, bite-sized crispy chocolate pieces packing 7.7g of protein and an impressive 99 calories.

What The Skinny Food Co has done is permanently dropped the price of the product on its website, and not by a small amount. An entire box of ten Protein Crispies is now just £8.99 (10.92 USD), which is well under £1 per pack. That also goes for both of the snack’s flavors with Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate.

The Skinny Food Co has also lowered the cost of its single and double Protein Crispies options. The two-pack with one of each flavor has dropped to £1.98, which is 99 pence each. It’s not as cost-effective as the box, but either way, the Protein Crispies are now a lot more affordable.