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Up and coming Xusse Nutrition previews its next entirely new product

xusse nutrition fuelled flapjack

Xusse Nutrition is a very new company out of the United Kingdom that has just two supplements available at the moment, both of which are protein powders. The Xusse products available right now are SuperWhey and Raw Super Vegan, the former being a whey protein powder and the latter a vegan-friendly protein.

To kick off the month of August, Xusse Nutrition has announced its next release is right around the corner, and it will be another protein type product. While the upcoming item is going to keep the brand in the protein category, it will be very different from the brand’s current supplements as it’s not coming in powder form.

xusse nutrition fuelled flapjack

Due to be available soon from Xusse Nutrition is its first high protein snack with the oat-based Fuelled Flapjack. For now, the brand has not confirmed any of the product’s macros, only that it’ll be high in protein and low in sugar. The team at Xusse has also confidently said its Fuelled Flapjack is the best flapjack they’ve ever tasted.

We’ll have to wait to try the Fuelled Flapjack to judge if it is indeed the best flapjack out there, although fans of Xusse Nutrition certainly won’t be short on flavors. The UK company plans on launching its promising Fuelled Flapjack in three delicious options with Peanut Butter Caramel, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Orange.