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Beyond Raw releases its more advanced amino Precision EAA Elevated

beyond raw precision eaa elevated

Precision EAA Elevated is an all-new amino supplement from Beyond Raw, that uses the same naming convention as its original Precision BCAA. While the names are similar, on the inside the products are quite different with Precision EAA Elevated having a few features Precision BCAA does not.

Beyond Raw’s latest entry into the amino market comes with a full spectrum of EAAs, as opposed to just the three BCAAs like in Precision BCAA. Each serving of the new Precision EAA Elevated packs a combined 10g of all nine essential amino acids per serving, with 8g of that being made up of BCAAs.

Just like Beyond Raw’s first amino supplement, Precision EAA Elevated does have a number of other ingredients to make for a more advanced amino competitor. Alongside those EAAs, the brand has included 250mg of TamaFlex for joint support and electrolytes to improve hydration.

beyond raw precision eaa elevated

Also in the mix with Beyond Raw’s Precision EAA Elevated is a blend of energy-boosting ingredients as well as nootropics to help with mental focus. In that area of the product you get 200mg of caffeine from fast and targeted release sources, 50mg of lion’s mane, 1.5g of tyrosine, and 75mg of alpha-GPC.

You can now purchase Precision EAA Elevated from Beyond Raw’s exclusive retailer GNC, for the same price as Precision BCAA. While the two do cost the same, they don’t have the same amount of servings. Precision EAA Elevated has 24 full servings per tub, which is six less than Precision BCAA.

The exact price on Beyond Raw’s all-new Precision EAA Elevated is $39.99 with three flavors to choose from in Raspberry Iced Tea, Grape, and Gummy Worm.