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Bowmar shares the full nutrition profile behind its new Protein Popcorn

bowmar nutrition protein popcorn

A day out from the launch of its promising high-protein popcorn snack, Bowmar Nutrition has shared the product’s full list of macros. As previously confirmed, the brand’s popcorn packs a total of 50g of protein per bag, which is broken down on its facts panel into five servings at 10g of protein each.

The other nutrition numbers making up Bowmar Nutrition’s Protein Popcorn per bag are 80g of carbohydrates with 25g of that sugar, 40g of fat, and 850 calories. You can divide all of those macros by five to get their exact amount per serving, which you can also see reflected in its facts panel below.

The list of ingredients in the cheddar and caramel flavored popcorn snack from Bowmar Nutrition is also pretty simple. It’s made with regular and caramel popcorn, canola oil, cheddar cheese powder, and quality whey isolate to give it that high amount of protein.

bowmar nutrition protein popcorn

Compared to the few other protein popcorns on the market, Bowmar Nutrition’s newest snack creation is the leanest we’ve come across. Its protein to calorie ratio is still nowhere near the likes of a protein bar, but it beats its popcorn competitors, some of which come with well over 200 calories for every 10g of protein.

As mentioned, Bowmar Nutrition plans on releasing its exciting Protein Popcorn tomorrow through its online store at The product will cost you $12.99 per bag, with each bag packing a total weight of 185g of popcorn.