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Bowmar unveils its high protein popcorn with 50g of protein per bag

bowmar nutrition protein popcorn

This year has already been relatively jam-packed with product releases from Bowmar Nutrition, including new flavor options as well as entirely new supplements. As we move into September, it seems the brand has no plans of slowing down as today it has announced an all-new protein product coming next week.

Bowmar Nutrition is getting ready to join the handful of companies in the protein snack market with a popcorn type product. The brand is simply calling the upcoming item, Bowmar Protein Popcorn. The snack is going to have a much higher amount of protein compared to the competition with 10g per 37g serving.

Based on that protein to serving ratio, the Bowmar Protein Popcorn will be much leaner than the likes of Icon’s popcorn with 10g of protein in a 60g serving. Bowmar Nutrition’s snack will come in large five serving bag, so while you do get 10g of protein per serving, it’ll be a hefty 50g of protein if you put away the whole lot.

As far as flavors go, the brand has only unveiled one for now with Chicago Mix, which is a combination of cheddar and caramel flavored popcorn. Bowmar Nutrition’s popcorn protein snack is due to launch in the middle of next week, right before the Olympia.